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VCKD member, Lauren Woodard, PhD will present at Renal Research Conference

  December 7

Start Time: 8:30 AM
End Time: 9:30 AM

Lauren Woodard, PhD., will present 'Kidney Stem Cells:  From New to Old and Back Again", at the Renal Research Conference, Friday, December 7th, 8:30-9:30am in MCN C2303.




Dr. Woodard has three major areas of interest: 1) gene transfer to the kidney, 2) cellular reprogramming in the kidney, and 3) developing better tools for the genomic integration of transgenes in vivo. Together with Matthew H. Wilson she developed a method of expressing transgenes from plasmid DNA in the kidneys of live mice. They are now interested in applying this method to reprogram kidney cells in situ into induced nephron progenitor cells in collaboration with Melissa Little at the University of Queensland, Australia. Finally, Dr. Woodard and her collaborators are currently developing a transposon system for use in gene therapy called TcBuster. This hAT-family transposon has many advantageous features including high levels of activity in vivo.