Gene Delivery

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                                    Gene DeLIVERY

The goal of this research group is to develop and implement novel gene delivery methods for the treatment and cure of kidney disease.


                                                    Matt Wilson



The Haase lab investigates cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the pathogenesis of renal anemia, which results form an inability of the injured kidney to produce adequate amounts of erythropoietin (EPO).  The group is interested in developing and utilizing novel gene delivery systems to stimulate the production of renal EPO.

End stage renal disease carries with it mortality similar to or worse than some cancers. New therapies are needed.  We are developing preclinical gene-based approaches for therapy of kidney disease and its complications.The Wilson lab is interested in developing a novel cell therapy for anemia of chronic kidney disease and gene transfer to kidney in vivo for disease correction.

The Zent laboratory is working with the Wilson laboratory to develop new methodologies to express integrins in the kidney using novel gene delivery methodologies both in vivo and in vitro.