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Dr Bea Concepcion article: Burnout in Nephrology

May 14th 2018

Communities Weekly Rewind: Burnout in Nephrology

By Beatrice Concepcion, MD, FASN

Burnout.  This topic evokes such a varied range of emotions and opinions from doctors in many fields.  It is a condition that is inherently understood though it presents in multiple ways.  At its core it signifies loss.  It could be a loss of energy, of compassion, of hope or any number of things we hold valuable and important in our lives, both personal and professional.

It is a topic that has stirred a spirited discussion within our Open Forum Community with over fifty comments posted.  @kenarjhaveri opened the discussion with a link to a post on his blog found here.

The subsequent thread discussed members’ views on factors that lead to or contribute to burnout and some proposed solutions.  Find the entire thread on ASN Communities.