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Dr. Raymond Harris, Director of VCKD named Co-Chair of ASN Kidney Health Initiative

November 5th 2018

Dr Raymond Harris, Ann and Roscoe R. Robinson Professor of Medicine, Director of Research, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension is appointed Co-Chair of ASN's Kidney Health Initiative. 

The American Society Nephrology (ASN) is pleased to announce that Raymond C. Harris, MD,FASN (, has beenselected as the incoming ASN Co-Chair for the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI). Dr. Harris will
serve a three-year term, starting in January 2019. Dr. Harris will succeed Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD, PhD, FASN, who has served six years as KHI’s founding co-chair.  Dr. Harris is a professor of medicine, molecular physiology, and biophysics, and is also theDirector of the Vanderbilt Center for Kidney Disease (VCKD). Dr. Harris previously served as the chief of the nephrology division of Vanderbilt University’s Medical Center. In addition, Dr.Harris served as ASN President in 2016.  “We’re pleased that Dr. Harris will share his leadership acumen as the second ASN co-chair for KHI—he’s passionate about the Kidney Health Initiative and brings a wealth of knowledge and
experience,” said ASN President Mark D. Okusa, MD, FASN. “He brings enthusiasm and skill for engaging diverse groups to
achieve a common vision.”

This announcement marks an exciting and important transition for KHI. The next co-chair will preside over an organization
seeking to translate success in projects relating to individual questions in nephrology to addressing bigger, more
integrated projects. A key to success over the next three years will be increasing KHI’s influence to help develop new
therapies for kidney diseases and enhancing patient participation in those developments. Dr. Harris says he will work with
the KHI Board of Directors to sustain our current level of stakeholder enthusiasm – particularly the robust network among
industry partners – and to support ASN’s close working relationship with the FDA”.

As a mature and well-functioning organization, Dr. Harris understands the importance of a close relationship with U.S. Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) and member enthusiasm to KHI’s future. For patients with kidney diseases, Dr. Harris
envisions a focus on incorporating precision medicine and individualized care to provide better quality of life for the full
spectrum of kidney patients.

Understanding biomarkers and disease pathogenesis are a KHI strategic priority. Dr.
Harris’s experience as a basic scientist will bring renewed focus on novel urine and
blood biomarkers for clinical trials.

Dr. Harris will lead the largest consortia in the kidney community with over 90-member organizations from every
stakeholder group in nephrology. KHI’s mission is to advance scientific understanding of kidney health and patient safety

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