Research Activities

Kidney Cell and Organ Culture

A goal of our Center is to generate cell cultures from nephrons and isolate embryonic kidneys for organ cultures.  The performance of cell- and organ-based assays will allow investigators to identify and characterize biochemical and molecular mechanisms controlling kidney cell and organ function.

The VCKD Cell Culture Facility will aid researchers in performing cell-based assays by developing nephron-segment specific cell populations from wild type and genetically altered animal models.  Three different preparations of kidney cells can be performed:


The VCKD Organ Culture Facility will aid researchers in performing kidney organ based assays by isolating E12.5 mouse embryonic kidneys from wild type and transgenic mice.  Embryonic kidneys can be cultured on transwells for 3 days and the number of branches quantified. This assay is a great model for defining signaling pathways and mechanisms that regulate branching morphogenesis of the ureteric bud.



Ambra Pozzi

Expertise in isolation of mesangial and glomerular endothelial cells



                                                   Leslie Gewin

Expertise in isolation of medullary interstitial cells

                                                   Raymond Harris

Expertise in isolation of podocytes and proximal tubule cells

                                                   Matt Wilson

Novel methods for kidney cell immortalization

                                                   Roy Zent

Expertise in isolation of collecting duct cells and embryonic kidney culture