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Mark Peter de Caestecker M.B., B.S., Ph.D.,

Department: Medicine


My research is focused on the mechanisms and therapeutic manipulation of intrinsic tissue repair and regenerative mechanisms following kidney injury. The long-term goal of these studies is to develop treatments that increase effective tissue repair and thereby reduce the burden of chronic kidney disease resulting from episodes of acute kidney injury. In addition to kidney research, our lab also studies the role of BMP signaling and the effects of different hereditary BMP receptor mutations, on pulmonary vascular function in patients with hereditary pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Dr. Mark de Caestecker is an Associate Professor in Medicine, Surgery and the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. He graduated with a BA in Medicine and Philosophy from Peterhouse College in Cambridge in 1980, and with his medical degree from the Middlesex Hospital, University of London in 1983. He completed his internship and residency equivalent at the Middlesex Hospital in London, and the Nephrology Fellowship equivalent from Manchester Royal Infirmary. From 1990 he took a break from his clinical training to study for his PhD at the University of Manchester which he successfully defended in 1994, and then went onto work as a Welcome Trust post-doctoral fellow at the NIH under the mentorship of Anita Roberts.

In addition to his lab based research program, Dr. de Caestecker practices internal medicine and nephrology at the VA hospital in Nashville, and is heavily committed to teaching graduate and medical students. He is director of the HHMI certificate Program in Molecular medicine, the Vanderbilt Center for Kidney Disease Medical Student Summer Research Training in Nephrology and the Mouse Kidney Injury Workshop.


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